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Wigs and Hairpieces 

For anyone is needing a new wig, here are the guidelines and the wig ordering information---if you choose to order with the group (for discounted rates). There are two vendors we can choose from— Camelia Rose, whose wigs are the original, higher quality wigs, and Head for the World whose “Iconic” wigs are knock offs of the Camelia Rose wigs and are less expensive. Both brands are similar enough we can use either for teams or solos.  To get the discounted Camelia Rose prices below, we will need at least 10 orders. Here is how to go about ordering…

General guidelines:  

  • Bun wigs—U6, U7, U8—Anne (Camelia Rose) or Katie (Head for the World--$45)

  • U8, U9, U10, U11—Aliyah (Camelia Rose--$85) or Shannon (Head for the World--$55)

  • U11 and up—Brigid (Camelia Rose--$99) or Bridget (Head for the World--$75)

  • U16 and up—Brigid or Clodagh (Camelia Rose--103) or Saoirse (Head for the World--$85)

  • Full Wigs—Consult with Anne—either the Maddie or Robyn Luxe  (Camelia Rose—$144/157), or the Waterford or Donegal (Head for the World--$125/135)


Note: the U8’s and U11’s can go either way on size, depending on whether they are more petite for their age and/or what size the team is going to be wearing.  The styles are similar, it’s just the diameter of the caps that are different/bigger as they go up in size. Bigger/older U8 team members can wear the Aliyah or Shannon, while the youngest can stay with the Anne/Katie.

Wig styles for teams—U8’s—Anne or Katie, or Aliyah/Shannon; U10s—Aliyah/Shannon; U12s—Aliyah/ Shannon or Brigid/Bridget for Grades; Brigid or Bridget for champs; U15s-Brigid or Bridget; U18’s—Brigid or Bridget

Wig color—We have color rings available at the studio for both brands.  See Anne for them and choose the one that matches the hair most closely.  Prelim and Open champs: please consult with Anne on color choice before ordering.

To order from Head for the World:  

The best way to order is via email (  Include the color number and wig style name in the email, and then pay (in advance) via Venmo @jeanne-farrell-6 (the picture in Venmo is Jeanne and her beagle and the last 4 digits of my phone are 2352). Wigs will be sent to the studio, marked with the dancer’s name.

To order from Camelia Rose (Paula and Steve Murphy):

Please email Anne with the dancer’s name, the wig style-name and the color #. We will charge your Studio Director account the discounted rate for whatever wig chosen, and then Murray Academy will make one total payment to Reel Celtic Beauty. The order will then be delivered to the studio.

Solo Sidepieces and Crowns—If your dancer needs a new sidepiece for a bun wig or for a full wig, or a crown for either, Fab and Punk has saved spots for Murray dancers for Oireachtas.  They produce hairpieces that are designed and embroidered to look like the dancers’ dresses, as though they were made by the actual dressmakers.  These custom pieces start at $120 and go up to approximately $150 depending on the kind and quantity of stones used (your choice). If you decide to get one made, you can choose from either a smaller or larger “Murray “ solo size for bun wigs or full wigs, and 2 different sizes of crowns—taller/high peak in the middle or shorter/similar height across, smaller peak in the middle.. We have shapes/sizes of the pieces pre-determined, but the design will match the dancer’s dress. They will supply us with a sketch first. You can simply email them or FB message them to order a solo piece.  It’s expensive, but it will look like the dressmaker made it. 

If this doesn’t work within your budget, we can look at the Camelia Rose vendor and/or Jeanne from Head for the World for something that works…it will be generic but available in different colors, with generous jeweling. We would like to steer away from lace headpieces to embroidered pieces or those with foam backing and lots of crystals.

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