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Solo Costumes

Solo costumes are elaborately designed dresses and vests that are unique to each dancer. They range greatly in design, complexity and cost, and Miss Anne will help you pick one that is just right for your dancer's level, style, physique and coloring. There are many important factors that go into choosing and designing solo costumes that will highlight the best attributes of your dancer, so it is imperative that any costume decisions, whether dress or hair, be checked first with Miss Anne.

Typically a dancer wears a solo costume when they are in Prizewinner or above, but this is at the discretion of Miss Anne and can vary. There are many gently used solo costumes for sale at the studio and there is a member's only Facebook page that has current offerings. (Murray Academy of Irish Dance - Dance Merchandise Resale). Please contact Lisa Bishop to be included in the group. Many of the dresses that are available at the studio were designed by Miss Anne and meet her design specifications.  Buying within the school can save you shipping costs and may help when you are ready to resell because some dresses have a long life within the school.  There are also several used dress sites on the web and on Facebook. 

If purchasing a new solo costume, please first contact Miss Anne. Often she will have specific requests for your dancer to accentuate their positive attributes. Elevation Design ( in Belfast, Ireland, as been making many new solo costumes for the Murray Academy. Please check with Miss Anne before sending a deposit to any dress designer.

Lead time for a new costume is typically several months, however some dress designers can book six to eight months in advance. If you know you need to have a new solo costume made, do not delay. The process begins with a deposit and contract. From there, you work with Miss Anne on inspiration ideas, sketches and pictures to be sent to the dress maker along with detailed measurements. The dress maker will come back with several sketches, which will be tweaked until one is approved. Once a sketch is approved, it typically takes 3-4 weeks before it is ready to ship.

When alterations are needed, Elizabeth Broughton is Murray's seamstress of choice. ( Please see the "Additional Information and Links" page for more information on where to order crystals.

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