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Dance Out and Black Out Costumes

Blackout feisanna (No solo or school dress and no wigs) are becoming more popular in our region. Here are some guidelines for what is acceptable to wear.

The Irish Dancing Commission has a rule that collarbones must be covered, so our gemmed black dance out leotards do not meet the rules, but the new dance out leotards with the lace sleeves meet the rules.  Girls may need thick/opaque tights…see links below—even if wearing skorts. The Murray Winter Feis requires tights.

Pre-Beginners, Beginners, Advanced Beginners and all Dancers NOT on Dance out teams—Good news! Dancers do not need to buy anything special for the feis if they already own a black t-shirt (long or short sleeved), black skort or skirt, etc. If you do not own any of those items, you can choose to buy them for the least expense--OR--you can buy a leotard and skirt from any of the items listed below.

O Team Dancers/Open Champs—all O team dancers/Open champs U13 and older wishing to do dance outs will need to buy the lace-sleeve leotard (last link).  These will now be what we wear for dance-outs yet will also serve the purpose of costumes for black out feisanna, and in-between solo costumes.  They will not need to be jeweled, so they are actually less expensive than our current dance out leotard.  The current dance out skirt has been discontinued, so we’ve supplied a link to a replacement style.

Younger team dancers (U12 and below) may also get the lace-sleeved leotards but our current dance out outfits can still be used, and purchased gently-used for this upcoming season.

Here are the links to some suggestions if you are not going with black t-shirts, skorts, etc. for feising. You are free to outfit your dancer in whatever style or brand as long as it meets the guidelines on the syllabus.  

TIGHTS—200 denier




Adult and Child
Alternate source
Lace sleeves/dance outs


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